February 4, 2018


AMA provides in-depth workshops to help train the core staff, peripheral teams, and executive teams. If you would like to discuss bringing one of these courses to your organization, let us know.

Private In-depth Training and Workshops

Asset Management OverviewThe Asset Management Workshop engages team members from the organization into a strategic asset management culture.

With a focus on the concepts and theory that are the priority for foundational understanding, and delivered in an interactive and fun way, we can build the morale and motivation of your asset teams, as well as their baseline skills.  And in these challenging times, do it live-virtual.



Shutdown Planning and Turnaround ManagementThe Effective Shutdown Planning and Turnaround Management Workshop will walk you through key concepts and strategies to manage effective plant shutdowns and turnarounds. Individuals or teams will learn how to create a shutdown and turnaround roadmap and a clear assurance process plan, aligned with your organization’s key business objectives. Thorough understanding of the full equipment life cycle, you will be able to identify gaps in your preparation and execution and plan safe and productive turnarounds, with optimized scheduling and cost control that enable you to deliver both on time and on budget.


Master Data WorkshopThe SAP Master Data Workshop is positioned to address issues in a comprehensive, systematic, and interactive format. Our students become inspired to affect real change within their organizations and achieve measurable results.

The workshop is a real-world, hands-on, collaborative learning environment taught by Norm Poynter, a leading subject-matter expert in managing master data. The course is geared to the understanding, scoping, planning, implementation, and measurement of EAM Foundational Data.


The Equipment Reliability Workshop will teach you how to apply ISO 14224 methods in SAP enterprise software. You will receive pragmatic instruction on how to represent ISO 14224 content in SAP and how to apply ISO 14224 methods for technical structuring, malfunction data collection, consequence accounting, data aggregation, and generation of corporate-wide equipment reliability metrics.



Work Management

The Work Management Workshop
is focused on the fundamentals of IPSECA (Identity, Plan, Schedule, Execute, Complete, and Analyze).  Effective work management will dramatically improve the productivity of the maintenance function and outcomes. It is one of the fastest and most effective investments an organization can make to improve productivity and availability. The AMA 2-day course will assist organizations using SAP’s EAM solution or any other solution, to transition to a point where the majority of maintenance work is planned and scheduled within their CMMS or ERP system.


Change Management Masterclass

The Change Management Masterclass
Series illustrates that as we adapt, re-invent, and restructure for a changing world, an organizational transition is inevitable. Change is a constant in this economic climate whether a result of a downturn, merger, divestitures or internal transformation, or a booming market. Taking your people through change can be the “make or break” of these important evolutions.



ISO 55000 Individual Professional Certification – ISO 55000 is an internationally recognized standard for Asset Management. It addresses the strategic and tactical management of assets, emphasizing the value derived from assets and risk management. A55K is an individual certification in ISO 55000 that demonstrates the student’s understanding of the theory and application of the ISO 55000 standards for Asset Management Systems. After completing this course, you will be able to participate as an active member in your organization’s strategic asset management initiatives. The A55K is accredited by the Asset Leadership Network (ALN). A55K Course scheduled for Sept 18-29 or Nov 6-17, 2023. – click for details