January 6, 2021



One thing is for sure…CHANGE


Join the Change Management Masterclass – Live, Virtual, Interactive 

As we adapt, re-invent, and restructure for a changing world, an organizational transition is inevitable. Change is a constant in this economic climate whether a result of a downturn, merger, divestitures or internal transformation, or a booming market. Taking your people through change can be the “make or break” of these important evolutions.

Leaders have an important role in leading these changes with their teams, peers, and across the organization.  Change management is no longer a skill left to a small group of dedicated professionals. Leaders are now tasked to manage and navigate change initiatives and they must have the skills to adapt and sustain the impacts of change.

“Sarah is highly credible, and beyond that, she does a great job engaging with her audience, from front line employees to C-suite leaders; she’s knowledgable, insightful and engaging from start to finish!”

Morag Ritchie, Director of Organizational Effectiveness
The Calgary Airport Authority

“No single change management initiative in our organization had the same impact as the Change Capability Workshops. The change capability workshops shifted mindset and built capability amongst leaders, project managers and initiative leads. Attendees gained not only an understanding of change management but the capability to introduce change within their teams and organizations in a way that ensured it was adopted.

The workshop was customized to discuss efforts specific to attendees and the breakout sessions ensured that the learnings would transition into day-to-day efforts. 

Sarah was an outstanding facilitator, sharing her wealth of knowledge in a clear, fun and energetic way, creating vibrant and interactive sessions. As a co-facilator, it was always a pleasure watching her bring the room to life as she shared her passion for change management.”

Sheryl Oslanski, Manager, Organization Change Mangement Practice
TC Energy

“Working with Sarah to build change capacity with in the team was amazing. Her ability to read the room and understand what each person needed was remarkable. I would highly recommend her expertise to help any team excel in developing and growing their skills to be better prepared for success with any project that has a component of change.”

Rob Guzzwell, Director, Facilitites & Maintenance
The Calgary Airport Authority

What are we really talking about?

  • Learn what change management is and how it is a key component of your leadership role
  • Understand a change approach and how to utilize an approach and tools to lead, receive and sustain change
  • Learn how to diagnosis where your teams and employees are in the change process and how to lead them through changes impacting them
  • Apply the learning from this session to your current/future change initiatives as a leader/receiver of change

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of change management and a basic process for leading change
  • Be able to actively champion change initiatives whether as a sponsor, leader/receiver of change
  • Engage and support your teams, peers, and others in change
  • Follow a structured change process to drive successful small/medium changes
  • Define change initiative objectives and monitor and adjust progress, to ensure success

Who Should Consider the Change Management Masterclass Series Courses:

  • Change Capability Building Masterclass I – Leading Change – (1-day)
    • Masterclass I Leading Change is for Leaders/Sponsors — those driving change in their areas/receiving change that they must enable and sustain with their teams
  • Change Capability Building Masterclass II – Executing Change – (1-day)
    • Masterclass II Executing Change is for Project Managers, Human Resource Partners, Organization Effectiveness Practitioners, Change Leads and Partners (e.g., Communications and Learning) – those who require the skills to apply change management to small of medium-scale change initiatives

Meet the Instructor

Sarah Ditchburn 

Connect: LinkedIn  Email: ditchbs@yahoo.ca 

Sarah is a certified leadership coach and change management professional passionate about building leadership capabilities as well as change teams and communities of practice. Sarah has over 20 years of experience working with clients to plan, design, and implement change initiatives aligned with business objectives including process and organization redesign, merger integration, and performance enhancement programs. Sarah’s clients span multiple industries, including oil and gas, professional services, not-for-profit, government, manufacturing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and travel, and aviation. Sarah currently focuses on creating organizational capacity to lead and sustain behavioral and cultural change by teaching workshops across North America to all levels of leaders. Sarah utilizes her coaching expertise to work with leaders to enhance how they lead and receive change, building sustainable competency, in turn, improving employee engagement and business results.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and an MBA from the University of Calgary. She is certified as a leadership and transition coach through the Hudson Institute.

Workshop Pricing & Details:

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Delivery of Change Masterclass is a collaboration of Go2Learn and AMA/NLAS Possibilities


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