February 4, 2018

Work Management

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Effective work management will dramatically improve the productivity of the maintenance function and outcomes. It is one of the fastest and most effective investments an organization can make to improve productivity and availability. The Asset Management Advocates 2-day course will assist organizations using SAP’s EAM solution to transition to a point where the majority of maintenance work is planned and scheduled within the SAP system.

  • Planning and scheduling of the day-to-day maintenance work-load
  • Planning and scheduling of outage/shutdown work
  • Planning and scheduling of capital projects

This workshop will delve deep into planning and scheduling methodologies, as well as discussion about the different options of scheduling within and outside of SAP. Reference examples and business scenarios will be used to illustrate specific implementations.

Overview: Work Management Process Workshop


  1. Identify
  2. Plan
  3. Schedule
  4. Execute
  5. Complete
  6. Analyze

Planning Options

  1. The 6 principles of planning
  2. Develop planning philosophies
  3. Functionality and capabilities of SAP for planning
  4. Maintenance plans and task lists
  5. Reporting/analysis against task lists and maintenance plans

Scheduling Options

  • The 6 principles of scheduling
  • Develop scheduling philosophies
  • Overview of different options
    • Basic manual scheduling
    • Capacity leveling
    • Planning board
    • PM Integration with Project Systems
    • MRS
    • Prometheus and other tools
    • Integration with third-party tools such as P3 and MS-Project using connectors such as Impress Project I-App
    • Summary of scheduling options and where they fit

Work Management – Work Orders

  • Functionality and capabilities of work orders – operations and sub-operations; resource planning; material planning; object lists; scheduling; revisions; documents; relationships; and job completion processes
  • Integration with financials (internal labor and settlement)
  • Integration with materials (inventory, purchasing and services)
  • Integration with HCM
  • Specialist tools for scheduling, document printing and budgeting
  • Reporting and analysis against work orders

Work Execution – Confirmations

  • Functionality and capabilities of confirmations
  • Reporting/analysis against confirmations

Recommendations on processes to follow to make planning and scheduling work in practice



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