August 27, 2021


Asset Management Performance Solutions (AMPS)

Digitalization of what really matters!

“True industrial digitalization is not software per se (SaaS); rather, it’s the full digitalization of your methodology, including procedures, templates, and tools, with cloud or on-prem data (lake) and Power BI integration. Digitalization is scalable to all aspects of business processes, supporting all stakeholders and departments, standardized across all regions and business units”.  E.J. Lister

Are you an owner/operator who manages physical assets and wants to control the cost of operating and maintaining them? How about improvements through maintenance, repair, replacement, revamp, projects, outages, contracts, procurement, or regulatory compliance PMs?  In addition, how about the utilization of resources, tendering of contracts, equipment rentals, or any expenditures? And let’s not forget the risk mitigation aspect.

All of the above help to control the cost of doing business while profiting from the highest level of service/production and equipment utilization at the lowest risk cost. And it’s all achievable!



The future of industrial digitalization is in web- and cloud-based collaborative and transparent platforms, where the value of data (aka ones and zeros) is used to drive and navigate the business in real-time, allowing senior management to mitigate risk while controlling day-to-day and short- med- long-term expenditures. Utilization of this technology will significantly improve overall performance once formal methodologies, technology hardware, and legacy software are configured for fit-for-purpose.

AMA and its team of global thought-leaders provide an SME view of your methodologies, processes, standards, and procedures to create the best fit-for-purpose to your vision. Ampscloud measures the health of a company and its physical assets and human resources in real-time, with navigational decision-making opportunities (leading indicators) far beyond what any other CMMS, ERP, or any product can.  AMA has a bevy of tools that have been custom designed to give line-of-site to all critical data that isn’t available with the current toolsets available today, by anyone. AMPScloud is designed to address the significant challenges organizations face in managing big projects and have been proven at many customer sites to great success.

AMPScloud is a data lake and business optimization solution. It doesn’t matter what industry.  Everyone needs cost transparency, decision-making, and value from data as it relates to the optimization of physical assets and resources. Want to integrate to SAP, Oracle, P6, or any other data? No problem!